Here is what my readers have to say about POCKET TIME

“I enjoyed reading Pocket Time. It did a great job of showing how the little hedgehogs come to understand what they had been missing and learning about love so that they might experience it themselves as a partner and parent. Nice illustrations and story development too. I hope that it catches on.”

– Dan Hughes, Ph.D.

Here is what my readers have to say about TWO PILLS

“I read your story. I was fascinated in the approach and the illustrations. You are the first person I know who has hit this difficult subject in such a loving manner. The art is outstanding. It works and others will see how it does as well.”

– Frederick Lipp, Minister Emeritus, First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church, Founder of Cambodian Scholarship Program and children’s book author of nine children’s books

“I like your idea and appreciate your enthusiasm for educating children about this issue. As a society I think we have too often pretended that drugs and addiction related issues do not exist rather than confront this reality and utilize solutions that work such as education.”

Ben Chipman, Maine State Representative

“I enjoyed your booklet – TWO PILLS – and see how it can help young children understand addiction better. Like alcohol, the problems with pills create huge barriers within families, even when a family member is able to be clean. Your story should be in every therapist’s office who deals with addicts – to add another layer of therapy to include the whole family.”

– Dr. Chuck Radis, Portland ME

“I asked my daughter why she liked TWO PILLS. She loved the fact that the pills were colorful, talking, and funny. She also was mesmerized by the brain hole. I think it is a very visual concept for children to understand what could happen when you take too many of the wrong pill.”

– Nadine Bravo, Parent

“TWO PILLS” written and illustrated by Sarah Waite, LCSW is a small book with a big message for children with parents with addiction problems, particularly “pill problems”. The story was inspired by a child who missed her father who was addicted to opiates and put in jail for theft. In a child’s language, the story helps children aged 4-12 to better understand addiction. The aching questions of Nicole, the child character are addressed by the pills themselves. They answer questions such as why did he do something bad enough to put him in jail? Why won’t he stop for me? How can he get better? Can I help? Nicole learns about addiction and also about caring for herself. “TWO PILLS” meets a much needed message for children of incarcerated parents with problems with addiction.

Susanne Carroll Duffy, Psy. D., RPT-S

Kudos for you. Love the book. Love the use of “paper” and the hand drawings.

– Nate Woodin, Play Therapist

Your book describes what I am trying to explain to kids. TWO PILLS provides great illustrations of the conceptual meanings, and simplicity with the content to assist in their understanding on this confusing topic.

– Linda Navelski Taillon, Maine Counseling & Consultation LLC