I’m a retired clinical social worker with a new career.  sea star stories  is the result of my efforts to write and illustrate stories for children to help them understand their often complex parents.

In my practice, I worked with children from ages two to ten, often with their parents, grandparents, foster parents, or adoptive parents present. The children told me their stories in drawings, puppet play, and in the sand. These stories haunted me and I wondered how I could help the children understand and accept what had happened in their families of origin, events which made no sense to them and yet now impacted them each and every moment of their young lives.

TWO PILLS is my first published story.

POCKET TIME is my second book, published in 2018. It addresses how parents sometimes are unable to parent their children because their OWN parents didn’t have the critical ability to nurture them. There are hedgehogs in this story and an eagle and a kangaroo. I’m delighted that Amy Crosby created the illustrations for this book:


“My career as an art teacher has led me all over my beloved state of Maine, and I’ve found the best job in the world teaching k through 5th graders in Brunswick. I grew up in Orono, and always dreamed of becoming a children’s book illustrator. My love of animals and nature has influenced my work and my life, as I’m slowly growing what I hope will become a farm with my husband, dog, and chickens in Durham, Maine.” – Amy Crosby

I asked Suzi Pond, RedBird Media Group, to make two versions of me reading Pocket Time – one for children and the other for adults. The children’s version is on this website. Both versions are on YouTube: POCKET TIME for children and POCKET TIME for adults.

In my YouTube reading for adults, I present the ACE questionnaire and lead the viewer through the process of answering its questions. The Maine Resilience Building Network (MRBN) introduced me to ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). Using the ACE Questionnaire has advantages over DSM as a diagnostic tool. I find that talking with adults individually or in groups after they rate themselves on this questionnaire opens us to our own ACEs and brings a commonality of suffering and sharing which is crucial to understanding children and adults with behaviors that are commonly judged negatively. I recommend that you see the documentary film, Resilience, to learn more about this valuable tool.

I welcome feedback, comments, and suggestions. You can reach me in a number of ways:

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